pymnet: A Multilayer-Networks Library for PythonΒΆ

pymnet is a free library for analyzing multilayer networks. The easiest way to get pymnet is via pip:

$ pip install pymnet

Main features include:

  • Pure Python implementation

  • Can handle general multilayer networks

  • Data structures for multilayer networks and multiplex networks

  • Scalable implementation for sparse networks: memory usage scales linearly with the number of edges and number of nodes

  • Rule-based generation and lazy evaluation of coupling edges

  • Various network analysis methods, transformations, reading and writing networks, network models, etc.

  • Visualization (using matplotlib or D3 as a backend)

  • Integration with NetworkX for monoplex network analysis


  • Overview: Overview of the design of the library and benchmarks

  • Reference: Reference for all functions and classes in the library

  • Tutorials: Easy way of getting started with various topics